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Math Tutoring App for iPad with Private 1-on-1 Lessons

Boost Academy™ provides personalized, one-on-one math and science tutoring and test prep services that get the results you’re looking for. Using our free iPad® app, you will be paired with an experienced, fully certified tutor for an interactive lesson, tailored to your learning style and goals. Boost Academy helps transform today’s busy students, who are under increasing pressure.

Now exceptional tutoring tailored to your needs is cost-effective, and available from the comfort and security of your home. Our highly qualified tutors work with your child to achieve their goals. Welcome to Boost Academy!

Why Choose Boost Academy?

math tutoring on ipad

Private 1-on-1
Math Tutoring

Set personalized goals, focus on weaknesses, prepare for tests.
Get ahead!



College-degreed, background-checked, subject-certified tutors.



Fits Your Schedule. No Tutor Hosting, No Driving, No Waiting.



Playback previous lessons (voice, text chat, whiteboard screens) for review and test prep.

Learning content is customized to your student’s individual learning needs: curriculum, homework, problem areas and test preparation. 

Our tutors fill gaps in foundational math concepts and skills necessary for success in students’ current coursework. Because we are not beholden to a proprietary curriculum, our tutors also assist with study habits, comprehension, assignment completion and organization.

For deeper learning beyond your child’s assignments, we offer thousands of pages of content from the country’s most revered and widely-used text books.

We finish each lesson with recommendations, study suggestions and a roadmap for getting ahead of upcoming coursework.

Results from Boost Academy are quick and effective.

How to Get Started

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Parent Testimonial for Boost Academy™ Tutoring Services“I was amazed at how engaged he was with his tutor. My son has a hard time sitting still for anything, much less an hour-long pre-algebra lesson.”

~Kim G.
Boost Academy Parent

nicholas“Boost Academy is way better than pencil and paper. I really like using my tablet. It’s so easy.”

Boost Academy Student

Tutor Testimonial for Boost Academy™ Tutoring Services“What a wonderful group of math tutors! I am really intrigued by all the ideas being shared, and I am energized and excited being part of the Boost Academy community.”

~Kristina H.
Boost Academy Certified Math Tutor

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